Financial planning and strategy

Financial planning and strategy help you see what the future of your business would look like under different scenarios and what you can and should do today to achieve the desired scenario.

Key activities:

  • Strategic financial planning
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Capital allocation and investment appraisal

Controlling and Financial Reporting

Controlling and financial reporting are the key to know how the company is doing financially at any given time, what are the key drivers of financial results, and what needs to be corrected in order to achieve the targets.

Key activities:

  • Sales and profitability analysis
  • Costs analysis and management
  • Financial statements analysis (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) and KPI monitoring

Cash Flow and Liquidity Management

Cash flow and liquidity management ensures that there is always enough money for all necessary activities – business growth, salary payments, capital investments, profit / dividend payments, acquisitions, etc.

Key activities:

  • Cash flow analysis and planning
  • Liquidity management
  • Working capital management

Credit Risk Management

Credit risk management enables the prediction and prevention of collection issues and financial losses, as well as knowledge of which customers and suppliers you can grow with and how much you can be exposed to them.

Key activities:

  • Credit analyses of your customers and suppliers on individual and portfolio level
  • Credit limit systems
  • Credit rating methodologies

Debt Advisory and Relationships with Banks

Debt advisory and relationships with banks ensure the most favourable financing conditions through lower interest expenses and fewer restrictions in loan agreements.

Key activities:

  • New debt structuring and refinancing
  • Investment studies
  • Relationships with banks including financial and non-financial covenants management


Knowledge is power and the key to successful financial management is raising awareness of all employees about impact of their work on the company’s cash flow.

Key activities:

  • In-house financial management workshops for your key personnel/li>
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Finance for non-finance courses and development of a cash flow culture